Publication day for Just the Way You Are!

I’m so excited that my new book, Just the Way You Are is now out in paperback, audio or ebook.

I’ll be celebrating today with some fancy cheese for lunch and a meal out at a lovely riverside restaurant this evening. Oh, and my publishers Boldwood Books sent me these very cute biscuits, so I’ll need at least 4 mugs of tea to go with them.

2 thoughts on “Publication day for Just the Way You Are!”

  1. It’s not often that I read fiction. For months I have been immersed in visual artists biographies and lives for various reasons but Beth’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ was pure indulgence that ended far too quickly. I couldn’t wait to land in my rocking chair with the book propped on a peculiar shaped beany headrest on my knee. Waiting for the next one now……


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